We’re looking for talented, committed people to join our team. Earn $1,000 or $250 if we hire one of your referrals.

The Basics

  • The Referral Bonus Program rewards you for recommending talented people to join our team.
  • Roles eligible for a Referral Bonus include:
    • $1,000 – Any Full-Time Position
    • $500 – Any Teaching Resident Position
    • $250 – Any Part-Time Position
  • If you refer a candidate that is hired and the referral is still employed in that role after 6 months from start date, you will receive a check in the next pay period.
  • Non-EHTP staff members are also eligible for the referral bonus.


The Rules

  • Referrals are only eligible for rewards if:
    • they are submitted via the form with a) referral name, b) email address, and c) resume (if possible) OR the position we should consider them for
    • you are the first referrer of the potential employee
    • you are not part of a recruitment team
    • none of the members of the Talent team have had previous contact with your referral
  • You cannot retroactively claim a hire.
  • Referral Bonus checks will be distributed after a referral completes 6 months of employment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tiffanie Hawes at [email protected]