The application for the 2018-19 Teaching Residency is now open.



Upon acceptance to the program, residents receive the following:

• Subsidized master’s degree in childhood education
• Certificate in special education (optional)
• Cost-of-living stipend and subsidized health insurance plan
• 2+ weeks of paid vacation (aligned with school closings calendar)
• Academic and financial guidance
• Monthly MTA transit pass
• Laptop and mobile phone
• Job placement support




Minimum qualifications:
• A bachelor’s degree conferred by June 2018
• Completion of the GRE prior to program start date
• Minnimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
• A liberal arts or sciences major (or interdisciplinary concentration) of at least 30 credits
• A liberal arts core to include the following:
⚬ A General Education core in the liberal arts and sciences to include artistic expression,
communication, information retrieval, concepts in history and social sciences, humanities,
⚬ A language other than English,
⚬ Scientific and mathematical processes,
⚬ Written analysis and expression
• U.S. Citizen or national/permanent resident status
• Not have or be eligible for teacher certification in any state
• Not have taken more than 18 credits in education courses
• Experience working with children a plus, but not required
• Spanish proficiency a plus, but not required


Upon completion of the program, graduates receive:
• Trans B/Initial certification
• Master’s degree in childhood education (1-6)
• 400 hours of targeted professional development
• Lead teacher in academic after-school classroom (25+ students)
• Over 50 hours of one-on-one coaching
• Experience with district and charter schools
• Experience lesson and unit planning
• Optional enrollment in the EHTP-funded special education certification


Application process:



I naively thought that being the oldest of eight siblings would have prepared me for the challenges of teaching; I quickly learned it had not. The teaching residency truly prepared me to be a successful and impactful life-long teacher. Dozens of lesson plans, 22 third-graders, two outstanding coaches and one graduate degree later, I can truly say I am becoming the teacher I always wanted to be. …I will always be grateful for EHTP.”

—Ashley | Teaching Resident, Cohort 2