Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

East Harlem Tutorial Program offers a variety of volunteer opportunities through our public charter schools, and after-school and summer programs, ranging from subject-matter tutoring, providing students with homework help, mentoring, and preparing high school students for college success. Volunteers mentor our scholars, prepare them for academic success, support their social enrichment, and help them gain the confidence they will need to succeed in college and in life.

Who are the Scholars?
Our scholars are students (pre-K through college) from East Harlem who participate in our after-school program or attend our public charter schools, East Harlem Scholars Academies. In order for scholars to enroll in our program, they need to be residents of East Harlem, attend school in East Harlem, or their parent or legal guardian needs to work in East Harlem.

Who volunteers at EHTP?
EHTP’s volunteers are dedicated, passionate, and service-minded individuals who are interested in making an impact on the lives of young people in East Harlem! Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds and professions. They range from high school to graduate school students, young professionals to retirees. However, the minimum age to volunteer is 14 years old.

How do I find out more info about EHTP’s volunteer opportunities?
If you want to find out more about any of our programs, contact the Volunteers & Interns Team at [email protected].

What is the process to become an EHTP volunteer?
First, visit our opportunities page to see descriptions of each of our programs. Once you decide on a program or programs of interest, you can apply using our online volunteer application (the big EHTP blue button).

Once you apply, a member of the Volunteers & Interns team will send a phone interview request and you choose a time to chat over the phone.

After the phone interview, you will be sent compliance paperwork (see below for description) and orientation information. Once you complete these steps you will be assigned a start date.

What is compliance and how long does it take?
Compliance paperwork is state-mandated, criminal and medical clearance forms that all individuals who work in after-school programs like EHTP’s must complete before being allowed in the classroom. The number of forms you will need to complete depend on the age of the volunteer; the maximum is four. Volunteers usually complete the paperwork process in 2-3 weeks.

Is there training for volunteers?
Yes! All volunteers are required to attend an orientation and training session that will familiarize them with EHTP’s policies and procedures, as well as teach them useful skills and tips for working with our scholars.

Refresher trainings are offered year round.

How long can I volunteer with EHTP?
Forever! If you can’t do that, each program has its own minimum weekly commitment but volunteers are expected to stay through at least one semester.

If you have additional questions, please contact [email protected].